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    I coach people who want balance not burnout

    I coach people who want to stay inspired

    I coach busy people who want to make the most of their time



  • Coaching topics

    Through my coaching, I help people find a better balance and make the most of their lives. I coach people on many aspects of life and work, including balance, stress management, confidence, reinvention, time management and empowerment. Some people choose to focus on one or two areas, others bring a different topic along each week. Whichever approach you choose, coaching is always tailored to you and your individual situation. These are some of my specialist coaching areas...

    Balance for busy people

    Are you busy? Are you overwhelmed? Is there just never enough time in the day? Are you wondering whether you even have time to do coaching? Striking a balance between getting things done and leaving time to breathe is not always an easy thing to achieve! But if you’re ready to work on it, great. (And don’t worry, coaching sessions can be fitted in to just 30 minutes if you need to, or 45 minutes if you have the time.) I often work with people who work in high-pressure environments, and on issues including stress, exhaustion and overwhelm. Coaching can help you take a moment, make space, and achieve a better balance. Let’s start!

    Confidence and empowerment

    Yes, you're amazing! Yes, you can do it! But sometimes we all need someone to remind us of this. Empowerment coaching can be useful if you’re ready to take that next step in an aspect of life, and want support to help you achieve it. Confidence is a common theme for many people I work with. By looking at beliefs, barriers, and and taking a step-by-step (not a scare yourself) approach, I help people feel good about getting there with confidence.

    Writing journeys

    As an author and journalist myself, I know what an interesting path each writing journey can take. It’s fascinating. But there are often hurdles along the way. Working with a coach can help you overcome these obstacles, stay inspired, and keep you accountable. Maybe you want to write a book, but can’t seem to get started. Maybe you’re working as a writer but struggling to juggle different demands. Wherever you are on your writing path, I’d love to hear about it!

  • How coaching works

    This is where the magic happens



    Think big. Set goals. Dare to dream. Whatever it is you want to achieve, you'll get clear, with the help of your coach, on what you're aiming for. Then it's time to go for it!



    No more hesitations - it's time to get started! From week one you'll be taking actions. Through a process of exploring, questioning and thought-provoking exercises, you'll gain new insight and perspective. You'll soon notice a difference - measured in life results!



    At the end of their coaching journey, many people feel a huge sense of achievement. Yes, there's a list of things ticked off and goals met. But there are also ah-ha moments and turning points, which are often even more important. Who knows where this might take you!

  • Testimony


    This is what some of the people I've coached say...



    The sessions with Frances were great: friendly and coaxing. Frances is great at nudging her clients towards their own solutions to thorny life and work issues. Warmly recommended.

    Sal H

    I knew from the outset that my coaching sessions with Frances would be good but it’s only now looking back that I realise how hugely and transformationally impactful they have been. We covered a massive amount of ground without compromising depth for breadth. Frances was incredibly insightful in knowing when to step back and let me work through a challenge, when to encourage me towards my own solution and when to offer tools or resources which were consistently tailored to me and my situation. The coaching sessions totally exceeded my (high) expectations and I honestly couldn’t have asked for more.

    Catherine M

    Big thanks to Fran for my coaching sessions, I thoroughly enjoyed them. We worked through a mixture of personal and work-related goals. On all of these goals I have made positive progress which I don’t believe I would have done (well certainly not as fast!) without Fran’s support.


    Fran is a very positive and encouraging person and she made me feel I could achieve all that I wanted to.

    Laura A

    Fran has a way with people that makes it easy to be honest and open. I felt nothing was out of bounds and that I could talk openly about how I felt, without any fear of judgment or criticism. She also skilfully directed our sessions so we made the most of them, rather than just chatting aimlessly, as I sometimes tend to do!


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  • Frances Booth

    Coach and author

    I'm a professional coach (trained with The Coaching Academy) and am passionate about motivating people to reach their potential!


    I’m also the author of personal development books including The Distraction Trap: How to Focus in a Digital World. I’m into making the most of time, being present, and finding a balance in life.


    I’m regularly quoted in the media as an expert on digital life and digital detox and have been featured in many publications worldwide including Wired, BBC Radio, Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post, Sky News and Psychologies Magazine.


    I’m also a journalist and have worked in national newspapers for more than 10 years - so I'm used to the challenge of finding balance in high-pressure environments.


    For fun and to relax, I like dancing, walking and doing yoga.

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